A 72-year-old Kazakh is on a trip around the world

 A 72-year-old Kazakh is on a trip around the world

A 72-year-old traveler who last year went on a hiking adventure across all of Kazakhstan, announced his plans to start a new journey. Last time, Sarsenbai Kotyrashev hiked across the country starting the journey from his native Ulytau and eventually circling back to it. This year he wants to cross the world and return back to Kazakhstan, QazMonitor reports.
In his Instagram post, Kotyrashev wrote that the last year marked a new chapter in his life.
My first expedition has been successfully completed. Honestly, I was a bit sad but also happy knowing that the end of one expedition is always the beginning of another. For the first time in my 72 years of life, I visited many of our homeland’s most beautiful corners. Now I have decided to go beyond it, to go around the globe. This is the beginning of a new chapter and a new PATH.

Starting in Atyrau in Western Kazakhstan, the traveler wants to cross Russia, Georgia, Armenia, Turkiye, Bulgaria, Serbia, Hungary, Austria, Germany, and France on foot – take a plane to the east coast of the US, then reach the Pacific Ocean and from there fly again to China, visit Mongolia and finally arrive on the east side of Kazakhstan in the city of Oskemen.
Along his way, Kotyrashev will visit Istanbul, Belgrade, Munich, Paris, Los Angeles and Beijing.
Earlier, the Guinness World Records sent a proposal for Kotyrashev to be included in the list as the oldest person to have walked 8,000 kilometers.
By QazMonitor

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