The livestock

 The livestock

The livestock industry is divided into 8 main groups. The products of animal husbandry include meat, milk, eggs, etc. products obtained as a result of the economic use of livestock and poultry. About 56% of enterprises in agriculture, forestry, and fisheries are concentrated in Turkestan (25%), Almaty (17%) and Akmola (14%) regions. Due to the wide pasture lands, pasture cattle breeding is developed on the territory of Kazakhstan: sheep and goats, cattle, horses, pigs and camels graze on pastures.
Import dependence has been recorded in the production of meat and other meat offal, salted, in brine, dried or smoked, as well as fat from cattle, sheep, goats, and pigs. Moderate deficit and import dependence are noted in the production of finished or canned products and sausages and similar meat products. There is a small import dependence in the production of meat, poultry meat and food by-products.
The export potential of the livestock industry in the EAEU countries and China: meat and dairy products: beef about 480 thousand tons of beef meat per year, lamb – 100 thousand tons of lamb meat per year, pork – 86 thousand tons per year, chicken egg – 300 million pieces per year.

Dr. Abdul Rahim

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