17.8% Inflow of Foreign Investments in Kazakhstan

 17.8% Inflow of Foreign Investments in Kazakhstan

Astana – By the end of 9 months of 2022 gross inflow of foreign direct investments (FDIs) in Kazakhstan showed a 17.8% growth and amounted to 22.1 billion US dollars ($18.7 billion in 9 months of 2021). The indicator for three quarters is comparable with the volume of attracted investments for the entire year 2021 ($23.8 billion).

The largest increase in investment inflow was recorded in the manufacturing industry: 36.9% ($4.9 billion), wholesale and retail trade: 32.6% ($3.8 billion), transportation and warehousing: 20.1% ($938.7 million), mining: 11.7% ($10.1 billion).

The top countries-investors in Kazakhstan included the Netherlands ($5.5 billion), USA ($5 billion), Switzerland ($2.6 billion), Belgium ($1.3 billion), Russia ($1.3 billion), South Korea ($1.1 billion), China ($996.7 million) and France ($538.1 million). At the same time, the inflow of FDI from Belgium and South Korea reached record highs in the history of bilateral relations with these countries.

According to Deputy Foreign Minister of Kazakhstan Almas Aidarov, the positive dynamics of growth in the inflow of FDI is evidence of the confidence of foreign investors in our country and the ongoing reforms, despite external factors that put pressure on investment flows into our country.

Dr. Abdul Rahim

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