Astana Hub.. Silicon Valley of Kazakhstan

 Astana Hub.. Silicon Valley of Kazakhstan

Astana – Astana Hub, the “Silicon Valley of Kazakhstan” and the International Technology Park in Kazakhstan dedicated to start-ups in the field of information technology, focuses its business on completing all processes from submitting applications and participating in Astana Hub programs to filling out online reports for residents who They receive taxes and visa preferences.

The platform is open to submit proposals to improve the IT industry in the country which are sent directly to the profile ministries.

The digital platform is another step to make the hub more accessible and reach its main goals – helping start-ups attract $200 million in investment by 2022 and raise export revenues to $500 million by 2025.
Astana Hub, designed for IT companies, start-ups, investors, professionals, representatives of government agencies and companies to allow them to share news on the platform, learn new skills, receive services and get to know each other.

Established in 2018, the Astana Hub Center seeks to develop an ecosystem of innovations in Kazakhstan and offers several start-up development programs including start-up school, investor school, incubation programs, as well as acceleration programs.
The number of participants in the center is 507. Since its launch, start-ups supported by the Astana center have attracted 34.5 billion tenge (80.6 million US dollars) in funding.
The mission of Astana Hub is to promote the start-up culture in Kazakhstan and support IT projects aimed at boosting the economy.

The center’s assigned mission is to develop a start-up culture in Kazakhstan and support high-tech projects in order to boost the economy. The government expects the park to become an internationally recognized center for tech business development and has promoted it as “Kazakhstan’s Silicon Valley” in 2022, with Investors are supposed to put $180 million into the start-ups..

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