Astana Media Week 2022…
Promoting Media Culture & Amending the Media Law

 Astana Media Week 2022…Promoting Media Culture & Amending the Media Law

Astana Media Week is an event that brings together state, independent, professional and new media in Kazakhstan to develop domestic media industry and strengthen business relations.
Heads of departments, international experts, influencers and industry experts meet, discuss current issues and publish their ideas at the main communication platform of our country. They establish contacts, make presentations and tell about their plans for the coming year.
New media formats and technologies set the rules for presenting and consuming information. Kazakhstan plans to open media schools and develop education in this area for improving media literacy of the country’s residents. The schools will teach how to identify reliable information thus reducing the spread of fake news. All this was announced by Kazakh Minister of Information and Social Development Darkhan Kydyrali at the Astana Media Week.
“We plan to open a school for training media managers in collaboration with journalism faculties and departments of the domestic universities. The educational and methodological tools are yet to be developed. Overall, training will be available both for the professional journalists and mass media workers as well as for whom it may concern,” Kydyrali said.
According to the participants of the Astana Media Week, Internet platforms and social networks have long been an effective tool for disseminating information. Their representatives were invited to discuss the topic, including the TikTok company that plans to open a representative office in Kazakhstan this fall.
“The TikTok platform has become incredibly popular in Kazakhstan. We can witness the appearance of new content here, because the audience in Kazakhstan is really creative. They use the platform to express themselves. What we see is a large number of musicians, teachers, fashion bloggers, young mothers who generate more and more ideas for new content on the platform. We are planning to set up representative offices in the cities of Astana and Almaty,” shared Anastasia Panina, CEO of the Global Business Solutions at TikTok, Eastern Europe.

Dr. Abdul Rahim

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