7 unique souvenirs from Kazakhstan

 7 unique souvenirs from Kazakhstan

Chocolate factory “Rakhat” — one of the oldest factories that makes different types of sweets. Foreign guests love it and buy chocolate for their family and friends. It is made in the form chocolate bar, and in the form of sweets, wrapped in a paper for gifts. You can buy it in almost every supermarket, as well as in branded stores throughout Kazakhstan.

Toys “Bal-Bala”
Bal-Bala is the unique toys, the prototypes of which were the characters of Kazakh folklore, such as Aldar-Kose, Tazsha Bala, Er-tostik, and real people, known to all Kazakh people. Bal-Bala toys can dance, sing and speak Kazakh.

Products Empire
In Empire, you can find a huge number of male and female accessories, dishes, decorative items and premium-class desktop accessories made in the national style. The goods of the Empire brand are well suited as gifts for business partners.

Honey from a camel’s thorn, Shymkent
Honey from a camel’s thorn is one of the main wealth of Southern Kazakhstan. The product has invaluable health benefits and especially appreciated by foreign guests.

Shi Bauyrsak, Semipalatinsk
One of the gastronomic businesses of Semipalatinsk. These are bauyrsaks, but very small, and therefore crisp. They are round and oblong. You can find them in almost every store or market in the bakery department.

One of the first fish farms in Western Kazakhstan, which is famous for its seafood. The fish factory is engaged in breeding of sterlet for production of black caviar and its further realization.

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