Non-Stop Working of the Kazakh President headquarters

 Non-Stop Working of the Kazakh President headquarters

A meeting of the Republican public headquarters of Kassym-Jomart Tokayev took place today. We summed up a huge campaigning campaign, which allowed to deliver the main points of Tokayev’s election program to different categories of society, to remote settlements, to the hearts of Kazakhstanis.
The headquarters worked non-stop. The candidate’s trustees visited all regions, spoke with citizens and answered all questions without fear. I was honored to visit my native region of Ulytau, Zhambyl and North-Kazakhstan regions, to conduct and participate in many events at the headquarters itself. These were sincere and open meetings where we discussed together with the youth on how our country needs to change. Young Kazakhstanis showed great interest in the initiatives of Kassym- Jomart Tokayev. For us, it is an understanding that lays a solid foundation of processes where we, young people, will be active participants.
For the first time, the candidate was nominated by not one political force, but by the People’s Coalition, consisting of all parliamentary parties and more than 20 public associations. Youth Assembly has joined this initiative because we understand that the President and his course are the center of consolidation of society, a guarantor of the unity and cohesion of our people.
It was a busy election campaign. We have shown that justice begins with each of us and it starts right now.
Support for Kazakhstanis is proof that our country needs a course for transformation and deep reforms. And the election results speak for themselves. Kazakhstan supports the President, people believe Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev.
Today, the head of the Republican headquarters Ерлан Кошанов and many of the speakers noted that the People’s Coalition is not finishing its work. We face a big task – implementing those reforms that were proposed by the President.
Timur Jumurbayev

Dr. Abdul Rahim

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