Kazakhstan celebrates the first president’s day… Regional and international development achievements

 Kazakhstan celebrates the first president’s day… Regional and international development achievements

Nur Sultan – Kazakhstan today (Tuesday) celebrated the Day of First President Nursultan Nazarbayev, as these celebrations have been organized annually since 2012, while this day in 1991 coincides with his election by popular vote in the country’s first presidential elections.

Thus, the first president’s day became a public holiday, while this day aims to honor the president and the leader of the nation for his unique achievements of the people and the Republic of Kazakhstan over decades, as well as a reminder of the victory of democracy in Kazakhstan after 70 years of communist rule.

A statement by the Kazakh Foreign Ministry in the capital, Nur-Sultan, said: “The complete historical experience of forming the Republic of Kazakhstan throughout the years of independence indicates the depth and importance of the ambitious goals set, where realism, pragmatism, consistency and tolerance are closely intertwined.

Nazarbayev resigned last year, and Kazakhstan has not had any other leader since its independence. Despite this, Nazarbayev continues to play an important role in the country’s political and economic life, traveling around the world representing the nation and communicating with foreign leaders.

The statement added: “What we observe in the quality of life of Kazakh citizens and the position of the state in the world, was remarkable, as Kazakhstan became in safe hands after President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev became a president of Kazakhstan, while Nazarbayev was the first leader after the collapse of the Soviet Union he led and built a state. The world is open to it and built a new capital with a mixture of intelligence and common sense, which is usually called wisdom, and also fulfilled the dream of many generations of Kazakhs centuries as their land found the borders of a state recognized by the world. This historic achievement was achieved thanks to the great will, rare human charisma and the high diplomatic talent of the first president.

“These challenges – a landlocked country surrounded by more powerful neighbors, and an ethnically diverse population, could have been a recipe for tensions, degradation of industry and public services hungry for investment, while leaving many to wonder about Kazakhstan’s future. But thanks to Nazarbayev’s leadership and the hard work of the Kazakh people, such questions were answered long ago, with many achievements and positives that raised Kazakhstan’s regional and global status. Three decades later, Kazakhstan is no longer the largest economy in Central Asia, it is now among the top 50 developed countries in the world, as the thriving open market economy continues to attract investment and business partners from every continent, providing a strong starting point for continued growth and prosperity.

The statement described the successes achieved over the past years due to the leadership’s participation with the people, adding that the unemployment rate is low, the numbers of poor have been reduced, living standards and public services have changed, such as health and education, as the new generation of Kazakhs on whom the future depends are better educated and more entrepreneurial.

The statement said: “Also under Nazarbayev’s leadership, what were sometimes seen as weaknesses turned into positives. Kazakhstan may be landlocked, but with significant investment in modern road and railways, it is now successfully connecting markets to the East, West, North and South. The diversity of our population has proven to be a force at home and has helped Kazakhstan strengthen friendships around the world as well as providing an example of a tolerant and healthy society.

In strong terms, the statement emphasized: “The growing economic strength of Kazakhstan coincided with the increase in its influence and global standing, and the strong personal commitment of the first president to peace, dialogue and international cooperation helped to strengthen close relations with neighbors and countries on every continent. Just as Kazakhstan has embodied the territory of a fundamental bridge between trade blocs, it helps to reduce tensions and bring countries together, and it is largely thanks to Nazarbayev that the country is seen as a force for good in the world as confirmed by the historic elections of the United Nations Security Council. For all these reasons – and many more – Kazakhstan is truly grateful to its first president, and without his vision and tireless efforts over three decades, it is hard to believe that the country will be stable, prosperous or have such a strong voice in the world. Therefore, the first President’s Day is an opportunity for all Kazakh citizens to celebrate his remarkable role, and in doing so, to reflect on the modern and successful state they have built together. ”

The statement explained how the young independent Kazakhstan faced the task of creating conditions, maintaining stability, implementing the social and economic transformations necessary to improve the lives of the state’s population and the people, finding the optimal place for Kazakhstan in the international community, and achieving international status and respect for the homeland from other countries around the world “There is no doubt. In which these tasks became possible precisely because the first president of Kazakhstan was and still is at the head of the young state, which is the country’s strategic path for peaceful coexistence and cooperation with neighboring countries, with other countries the world was in the new conditions of a multipolar world, which Nazarbayev defined As a result and tool for establishing and expanding international relations for Kazakhstan, and establishing state sovereignty and independence. It is no coincidence that, thanks to a deliberate policy in many parts of the world, Kazakhstan has become universally and widely recognized.

The statement of the Ministry of Foreign Affairs stated: “The rapid successes achieved by Kazakhstan in social and economic development, financial and legislative fields, and achieving the position of a state leader in the post-Soviet space strengthens the president’s conviction in this special role, and shows excellent organizational skills to strengthen the Kazakh nation to solve internal and external tasks . It is no coincidence that the foreign policy strategy of the Republic of Kazakhstan is inseparable from Nazarbayev. After all, foreign policy problems are not solved by themselves, there is a need for a generator of foreign policy ideas, and for the young country, which started life in the post-Soviet space, The required was not weak, but strong, not wandering and aggressive, but a coherent, purposeful and multi-directional foreign policy, which was actually created and implemented under the leadership of the nation’s leader Nazarbayev.

The statement compared the personality of the first Kazakh president with world leaders, saying: “Kazakhstan today is the leader of social and economic reforms in the Commonwealth of Independent States and Southeast Europe. In terms of economic growth, it is among the leading countries in the world, and Nazarbayev’s personality can be compared to major historical figures in the past and present such as Peter the Great in Russia, George Washington in the United States, Charles de Gaulle in France, Mustafa Kemal Ataturk in Turkey, and Margaret Thatcher in United Kingdom, Den Xiaoping in China, and Lee Kuan Yew in Singapore ”.

The statement emphasized that the first president continues the policies and traditions of our great ancestors, such as Sultans Keri and Janebek, who established the first independent Kazakh khans in 1465, and most of all, the great 18th century Kazakh statesman Abele Khan, who strengthened the traditional authority of Khan and the Kazakh state. These great historical figures from the past and the modern world together with Nazarbayev are united in a deep love for the motherland, Kazakhstan, for their people. And a great desire to push your country forward. Nursultan Nazarbayev is the chief strategist and engineer of integration processes in the Eurasian space.

The statement said: “Kazakhstan today is the economic locomotive of the Commonwealth and the new emerging European Economic Union, leader of Eurasia and Central Asia, and a dynamically developing regional power. The unique and strategic project of our nation leader is a program for the accelerated industrial and innovative development of Kazakhstan: new facilities, industrial enterprises in operation, roads, schools, hospitals under renovation, landscaping, cities and villages hundreds of thousands of new jobs are created. All this is the basis for the accelerated social and economic development of our country. The historical feature of the first president is that Kazakhstan today is a modern and generally accepted country in the world with a dynamically developing market economy, with great economic, industrial, scientific and cultural potentials and new innovative technologies.

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