Kazakh President outlines challenges of next stage

 Kazakh President outlines challenges of next stage

By: Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdulwahid

DUBAI: Kazakh President Kassym-Jomart Tokayev  acknowledged that the first twelve months of his presidency of Kazakhstan were full of difficult challenges, but many reforms have been implemented in the political and economic fields, stressing that he will continue to pursue this policy, in light of the numerous programs and ideas for Kazakhstan’s development.

President Tokayev outlined the features of the coming stage locally, regionally and globally, and put forward many programs and ideas that would contribute to promoting the path of development and development in Kazakhstan, with its celebrations of the thirtieth anniversary of independence approaching.

President Tokayev proposed a number of steps to promote the Kazakh language as one of the most important priorities since Kazakhstan’s independence in 1991, including the need for the language to become a prominent and desired place in society, noting that when appointed to government positions, especially those related to public participation and communication, must be given Preference for those who master the Kazakh language, along with other professional advantages.

President Tokayev demanded the support and encouragement of representatives of other ethnic groups who are fluent in the Kazakh language through their election to Parliament and representative bodies and their appointment to high positions in the public service system, on the basis that this language is designed to be adopted by everyone in the country, through its population from Different races, rather than relying on one ethnic group.

At the same time, President Tokayev wisely stressed that the expanded use of the Kazakh language by force is counterproductive, as it can destabilize inter-ethnic relations. He cited an example of that for other countries experiencing inter-ethnic conflicts not the least of which is the language issue, and he said: “For this reason when strengthening the position of the Kazakh language, one should not violate the standing of the Russian language.”

Speaking about globalization, the President of Kazakhstan indicated that, due to the impact of the Corona epidemic, globalization has lost its place in favor of the self-isolation and self-survival of states, and the voice of the United Nations has become weaker. He said: “Kazakhstan has consistently demonstrated its safety and willingness to make a constructive contribution to global and regional security and will continue with that.”

Regarding Kazakh workers, President Tokayev explained that Kazakhstan should radically review the society’s attitude towards workers, and said: “Everyone’s job should be greatly appreciated, and this is of course especially important after the impact of the Corona virus crisis on the economy, where citizens need more than Ever had government support to find a job opportunity, and that the government had developed a strategic map to increase the number of jobs.”

President Tokayev touched on the new law on assemblies and demonstrations recently passed in Kazakhstan by Parliament, and said that the newly adopted Peaceful Assembly Law is a major step forward in promoting democracy in Kazakhstan, for example, in order to hold peaceful assemblies, it is necessary to provide Five-day notification to local authorities without requiring permission to do so.

To embody transparency, President Tokayev addressed the criticism of some international NGOs on the law of demonstrations, explaining that the organizers of the marches bear the responsibility of not disrupting public order and peace and not inciting ethnic and social disagreement, and that the state is obliged to hear the legitimate demands of its citizens, and said: “Our common task is to implement the concept of the state Capable of listening, which responds quickly and efficiently to all constructive demands of citizens. “

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