ZHAS-AI: ‘International best medical services’

 ZHAS-AI: ‘International best medical services’


At the beginning there were then 4 rooms for patients and 3 doctors. Medical center could serve from 20 to 30 patients per day.

Now the Medical center “Zhas-Ai” is located in a five-floor building that has all the requirements for such facilities. Medical center has a hospital for 63 patients with cozy, spacious, comfortable rooms, also we have big dining room, gym, equipped with modern equipment.

The team is formed of highly qualified medical specialists. Since the day of foundation, the medical center “Zhas-Ai” has put 80 000 patients on its feet, provided medical assistance to 15 000 patients for free. Our doctors gave a chance to have baby to 5000 families, improved the condition of 7000 children suffering from cerebral palsy (cerebral palsy), and made rehabilitation for 4000 patients with stroke and 3000 patients who had lumbar vertebral hernia.

Since December 2016, the MC “Zhas-Ai” has been awarded the status “International Best Clinic” by the decision of the European Medical Association (EMA) and the Academic Union of Oxford.


The Medical Center for a short period of time became popular in Kazakhstan and proved its high experience in the medical field. There are lots of patients that coming from all over Kazakhstan.

The main task of this center is to provide medical care and implement measures to prevent the disease. The medical center is equipped with modern medical equipment.


Doctor of Medical Sciences, Professor, Academician, Excellent worker in Healthcare of the Republic of Kazakhstan, Chevalier of the medal “Yeren ebegi ushin” (For excellent work), Editor-in-Chief of the Medical, Scientific and Informational Journal “Zhas-Ai”.


Honorary Professor and Doctor of Oxford Univercity (Great Britain), Cavalier of the International Order “Badge of honor” of United Nations and Cavalier of International Order “Socrates”, Honorary Professor of the University of Vienna, Doctor of Medical Sciences of Russian Federation, Honorary Professor of the European Medical Association.



Acupuncture (acupuncture reflexotherapy) is one of the most effective ways of regulating the body’s energy system, based on the application of special needles in the area of special points on the body surface, as a result of which the metabolism is normalized, improves immunity system and resistance to infectious diseases, refines endocrine functions, and restores the internal natural balance of the body.


Acupressure is one of the most ancient methods of treatment. It arose in the East, in the territory of modern China, Korea and Japan. The ancient healers noticed that there are special “vital” points on the human body connected with internal organs and systems. Influencing these points, it was possible to improve the general condition of the patient, also to restore the disturbed functions of the organs.

The main principles for acupressure massage are the following principles:

1. An integrated approach to the treatment of each disease.

2. Slowness, thoroughness of all treatment methods.

3. The treatment of each patient must be strictly individual.


Preparations from herbs – tablets, powders, syrups, made from pure natural plants, without chemicals. They positively influence the human body; it is absorbed quickly and easily. Allergic reaction to this kind of medication is very low.


SPA is a method of physiotherapy associated with water. This is a comprehensive treatment program consisting of sea, warm, mineral or fresh water, seaweed, medicinal herbs and therapeutic mud. It strengthens your body and spirit.

Phytobarrel – a small clean bath which is made of natural wood. This is the best environmentally friendly pharmacist. Due to the fact that the steam is fed inside the barrel, the steam of medicinal herbs and fragrant oils relaxes the body. Treatment procedures can be used not only for adults, but also for children and people with heart diseases.


Therapeutic oil for body massage in the center of “Zhas-Ai” is made of several extracts of herbs. During treatment it improves blood circulation and restores the nervous, muscular and vascular system of organism.


Medical cups are small pear-shaped glasses used in medicine to induce a local rush of blood. The procedure with medical cups is an indispensable method for removing the cold from the body and improving blood circulation. It makes the blood pressure stable, improves metabolism. It improves blood circulation in the capillaries, improves the function of red blood cells, swelling, and relieves pain. It helps to restore energy store by removing negative energy from the human body.

Methods of treatment: heating and irritating, cups dilate blood vessels, improve blood circulation. Removes unnecessary substances and toxins in the blood. Increases the elasticity of blood vessels, helps immune system. Regulatory function: restores, regulates the body’s balance, regulates the nervous system, improves blood circulation, improves self-maintenance of the body and improves cerebral reflexes.


The method of bloodletting from the body is one of the ways of traditional Islamic medicine. Hijama comes from the root of al-hajm, which means “absorption.” We are surrounded by a huge amount of toxins in water, air, food and also chemical preparations that harm the human body. This method of purifying the body now becomes especially in demand. The fifteenth-century healer Oteiboydak Tleukabyluly in his book “Shipagelik Bayan” (“The Word of Healing”) writes: “Seasonal climate changes affect the work of the body. When the body is reconstructed, the composition of the blood changes and updates. In order not to harm the body, it is necessary to remove the stagnant dirty, defective blood from the body. “


The medical center “Zhas-Ai” employs qualified specialists; they provide professional and proper care for the skin of the face, hands and neck. Everyone, who wants cosmetic procedures, can remove black dots from the surface of the dermis, remove black and white spots and at the same time provide every kind of skin care. Simultaneously our cosmetologists use an acupuncture, therapeutic masks and creams from natural ingredients.

Device for stretching the spine as well pull the cervical spine. It is performed in the treatment of hernia, osteochondrosis, curvature of the spine, deformation of bone tissues and cartilage of the spine, as well as various diseases. Extension of the spinal cord proceeds due to the person’s own weight and additional weighting.

The point of the stretching process is the action of a long or short-term thrust directed to the tissue of the damaged area. This eliminates the displacement of bone fragments or fracture occurs stretching of a spinal cord in order to prevent its deformation and pinching nerves.


Diagnosis of the pulse, conducted by an experienced doctor of Tibetan medicine, allows you to determine what diseases the patient had in the past, what disease he has at the moment, know the stage of disease, and also it helps to prevent those problems that can be expected in the future if the patients will not pay attention to their health.


Improves cell innervation, restores nerve cells, improves muscle function, and normalizes blood circulation. It improves the immune system, normalizes the function of endocrine system.


Each needle is heated with a cigar, which made of 18 different medicinal herbs. So the effect of acupuncture improves, the internal cold is removed and the nervous system relaxes, balance of body’s “Yin-Yan” normalizes.


It improves blood circulation, metabolism and circulation of microelements.


Massagers for legs are unique in that they have a beneficial impact not only on the area being worked out, but on the whole body. This is explained by the fact that a large number of biologically active points are concentrated on the feet, stimulation of which allows to improve the condition of all organs and systems.

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