Kazakh’s largest metropolis attracts tourists for Summer holidays

 Kazakh’s largest metropolis attracts tourists for Summer holidays

Almaty, the largest metropolis in Kazakhstan has witnessed a remarkable surge in tourism arrivals from around the globe

Almaty, Kazakhstan: Almaty, the largest metropolis in Kazakhstan has witnessed a remarkable surge in tourism arrivals from around the globe and most recently from the GCC region. From its beatific and untouched scenery, skiing facilities, and enriched city delights, Almaty has proven itself as a jewel of a travel destination.

The metropolis is also known for being a shopper’s paradise housing some of the most recognized retail brands and haute couture outlets from all over the world. Newly launched tourism companies such as Discover Almaty guides tourists seeking a hassle free, convenient and comfortable trip in the city ensuring every request goes fulfilled.

The growth in the number of visitors was buoyed by the introduction of visa-free entry for most nationalities. The Kazakhstan tourism body is undertaking a testing period where international travellers can obtain an online visa with ease, offering convenient and limitless access to the wondrous sights and sounds of the country for over 30 days.

Commenting on the surge in tourism, Maria Ryzhkova Dircetor of Discover Almaty said, “More and more GCC residents are choosing to visit Almaty because of the ease in visa requirements, increased leisure attractions and business opportunities. We have witnessed a boost in international tourism following the change as well as the availability of direct flights to Almaty from Dubai”.

Guests traveling from the GCC can rely on Air Astana, the national carrier of Kazakhstan to enjoy direct, comfortable flights from Dubai, United Arab Emirates. It operates scheduled, domestic and international services on 64 routes from its main hub, Almaty International Airport, and from its secondary hub, Nursultan Nazarbayev International Airport. 

Almaty is home to 350 kilometers of Trans-Ili Alatau snowy mountain ranges culminating in Shymbulak, the ultimate skier’s paradise that houses three ski lifts with the highest going to 3,200 meters above sea level. A haven for adventure and escape retreats, the vast landscape of Kazakhstan has remained virtually untouched making the destination an appealing choice for nature lovers and thrill seekers. Being one of the greenest and most beautiful cities in the Central Asian region, Almaty offers the best of hospitality, leisure and recreation with big names such as the Ritz Carlton, Rixos, Mercure and Double Tree by Hilton having properties there. The country’s food culture, founded on some of the world’s most flavorful fresh produce, is also worthy of mention.

The city is also known for its rich natural attractions, one of which is Burkhan-Bulak, Kazakhstan’s highest waterfall located in the mountainous Jongar Alatau area in the Kora River gorge. The breathtaking waterfall is 168 metres long, 114 of which are visible, and rises to an altitude of 2,000 metres above sea level. Additionally, water lovers can bask in the beauty of the Great Almaty Lake,  a natural reservoir perched high in the Ili Alatau mountains, more than 8,000 feet above sea level, backdropped by three peaks that rise above the canyon. This alpine lake’s unusual teal hue and surrounding nature makes it one of the most beautifully surreal sites in the country.

Visitors arriving in Almaty during the summer season can also tune into the jazz festival at the central square. Aiming to bolster the recognition of jazz bands and artists globally the vibrant performances are set to enthral tourists, and locals alike.

“I welcome everyone to come visit Almaty. It is a unique destination where you can enjoy the wondrous city, mountain and lake experiences in such close proximity. It takes less than an hour to go to the mountains from the city, and even less to reach the azure waters of the Great Almaty Lake. The all round perfect summer escape for families, friends and solo backpackers,” she concluded.

Courtesy: Zawya

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