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Frankness, revelation & promises … revealed by the coming days

The first speech of Kazak’s new President

Dr. Abdul Rahim Abdel Wahed

There is more than just a justification for writing these lines, and it remains at the forefront of highlighting the words of the speech of the newly elected Kazakh President Qasim Jomart Tokayev, because of my humble knowledge of the developments and circumstances of this country over the past seven years.

I will try in this quick reading, to share with my brothers, colleagues and friends interested in Kazakh affairs. The following lines represent a true professional vision of a person who has practiced his profession for 37 years, emphasizing objectivity, seeking collective benefit from the experiences of others.

The inauguration of Tokayev, a new chapter in the history of Kazakhstan, is naturally the closest person to Nazarbayev to begin his career in a way that does not contradict the president’s first line. This raises many questions, most notably: What is new in the president’s speech two days after he was sworn in? What are the dimensions of its internal and external policy politically, culturally, socially and negatively? The most important question is whether Tokayev will maintain Nazarbayev’s policy. Did the President’s speech amount to the status occupied by Kazakhstan for 30 years?

For our part, Tokayev’s speech included a picture of frankness and openness, with the aim of continuing Kazakhstan’s approach and enabling the future success of his new administration.

In the words of Tokayev, we see that there may be important practical steps on the ground that will take place in the coming period, as we notice between the lines, when it recognizes the need for new visions and solutions, will be announced soon, while the first meeting of the National Council will be announced next August, To bring Kazakhstan to a new level of sustainable development.

In the same vein, Tokayev’s claim to the contribution of young people to the management of state affairs, as well as to the equitable distribution of the country’s wealth, and the strengthening of the social and economic situation of the people, including but not limited to, By 25 basis points to 9% to reduce the cost of housing loans to the population.

Tukayev’s concerns are stronger in the wake of social and economic discontent in February and the deaths of five children from one family during a fire that drew attention to the situation of people living in poverty. Nazarbayev then ordered the government to increase monthly child allowances to poor families to $ 55 per child Wages of low-paid public sector workers by 30% as of July.

However, we see that the overall situation of Kazakhstan will not change significantly after the election of Tokayev, although there are some positive signs of more interest of the leadership in the interests of the people and its future, including promises and explicit and clear terms on the relationship between the leadership of the state and the people of the strife.

Nazarbayev, who retained his post as head of the country’s ruling Noor Autonomous Party and the powerful National Security Council, has the right to guarantee the transitional period with the support and support of all those who believe he has the ability to take responsibility and continue his development achievements to Kazakhstan, but it does not stop there , But requires the continuation of achievements and enhance the chances of achieving prosperity for the people and the advancement of the state in various fields, and this is what the President-elect talked about.

In this regard, I firmly believe that Nazarbayev’s era is not over, because the latter as a strong element of regional and international stability and cooperation will remain an active participant in the foreign and domestic strategic policy industry. Tokayev stressed that he will continue to develop and implement Nazarbayev’s vision for country development and social and economic reforms. I solemnly swear that I sincerely serve the people of Kazakhstan and strictly abide by the Constitution and laws of Kazakhstan, guarantee the rights and freedoms of citizens and solemnly discharge the duties of the President of Kazakhstan entrusted to me. “

Tokayev openly acknowledged the commitment to the First President’s step and the implementation of the leader’s strategy, especially with regard to the third modernization of Kazakhstan, the implementation of the five institutional reforms and other key strategic documents of our nation.

“In the next few years, the main question of our time will be solved: what countries will be able to integrate into progress, and who will be on the margins of global development?” He said. Economic, social and political progress is our only correct answer to the challenges of our time. ” In this sense, the president wants to convey a message to his people that he must stand by his side during the coming stages, a goal of achieving prosperity and development. .

The president’s speech focused much on the vital issues and well-being of the people, and on promises to achieve them. “My main goal is to protect the interests of every citizen in the country. I will not allow preference or marginalization because of their views and political positions! I take into account the valuable proposals and initiatives that come from different political and public figures and take them into account in the course of my mission. “

President Tokayev’s speech was frank and transparent during the elections and also during the demonstrations that spread in some districts of Almaty, and the announcement of the Minister of Interior of Kazakhstan about the event, and there was nothing to be covered … This is a strong indicator of the policy of transparency and objectivity in dealing with important issues that Is exposed to the country, especially with regard to the elections and objections by opponents.

He even called upon the people to sharpen their support for the nation, through his words, which he emphasized: “We have only one homeland! Our fate is one! We work together for the future of our people! It is true that our citizens voted in favour of the strategic direction of the first president in the elections! “

One of the most pressing and important demands of the people’s interests is Tokayev’s recognition of the right of Kazakh citizens to claim their legitimate rights. Kazakhstan has progressed to such a degree of prosperity and well-being, and can also be seen as a positive attitude towards the future leadership of the people.

And pledged to work to address acute social problems and provide assistance to citizens in need, which are urgent and important issues in Kazakh society after the recent social repercussions in Kazakhstan.

Tokayev asked a clear and direct question, asking about what is the problem of the people today? He answered this question clearly and transparently: Citizens demand that justice prevail everywhere from social policy to government services. The people are concerned about the low income, as the instability in global financial markets and the weakness of the national currency have negatively affected the income and income of citizens. Millions of people have had to borrow from banks. Another pressing problem that disturbs society is to increase the gap between high-income citizens and less fortunate citizens. “

Tokayev pledged to raise the people’s income level and fight corruption, reform the judicial system and law enforcement system, create new jobs and provide decent salaries for the people, solve housing problems, achieve a just social policy, support public education, adopt a new path of local development, Awareness “of a vision for the development of culture.

The President’s speech was full of hopes, promises and insistence on facing the challenges of the future to the point of addressing the phrase rarely talked about by the leaders and presidents, namely the fair distribution of the wealth of Kazakhstan among the people of Kazakhstan, while fighting corruption and there is no place to destroy the state practices.

In his speech, Tokayev sought to confirm the approach of his predecessor, the leader of the nation, to adopt reform, development and renaissance policies and to present a comprehensive agenda for the present and future Kazakh and Kazakh people.

We also see that President Tokayev, through his speech, sought to attract the Kazakh mass base, to win public and popular support for his future programs and policies.

On the whole, despite Tokayev’s continuity of Nazarbayev’s path, the former, through his words, is trying to consolidate the state of public polarization in order to involve the people in assuming responsibility on the one hand and to obtain the advantages of that participation on the other, which we believe may serve both the state and the people.

In conclusion, it can be said that there is certainly a supporting team and another opposed to the selection of Tokayev, but the scientific analysis of the calm and balanced speech, it looks different in terms of expectations of results on the grounds that Tokayev is the ally and the most powerful successor to the founder of Kazakhstan and builder of its progress and progress internally and externally. Making room for Tokayev’s promises as a transitional stage and an experience of his policy dominated by the country and its citizens.

Making promises is a humanitarian and moral mission in the first place. If tomorrow to its sight nearby…

Author is Chairman of Media Hub Int’l

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