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4 tourist destinations in Kazakhstan

Kazakhstan is known as the 7,000-Lake country, with its dense forests, mountainous slopes and rich Islamic monuments, and welcomes tourists from May to mid-October. There are 4 tourist destinations in Kazakhstan that are important for tourists to visit:

 Astana, the modern capital

The modern capital of Astana

Astana, the capital of the modern Kazahestan city, after Almaty. Astana has evolved very quickly economically and with tourism, and it includes several landmarks and places that constitute the main factor for tourist attraction, including:

• Museum of Atameken; or map of Kazakhstan; It is an open-air museum on a huge area of more than 400 different monuments of Kazakh antiquities. 

• Bayterek; The Tree of Life is a tower that rises from the ground by 105 meters, with a golden ball diameter of 22 meters, mediated by a platform overlooking the city, and the Bayterek tower symbolizes the tree of sacred Life, which placed on top of the bird happiness egg, according to Kazakh Llmthiologia. The tower contains a golden sculpture embodying the right hand of President Nizar Bibaev and a distinctive aquarium specially designed for this tower. 

• Khan Schutter, the Royal Tent is the largest recreational tent in the world, with diverse shopping malls and international brands, built on 100,000 square meters, up to 150 meters high. Designed by British engineer Norman Foster, opened in 2010. The Royal Tent is a popular destination for heads of state, celebrities and art people. 

• The Peace and Reconciliation Palace, designed by engineer Norman Foster, represents the religious tolerance and secularism of the state, also known as the Peace and Reconciliation Palace.

 Almaty; Big City

 The largest city of Kazakhstan, inhabited by more than a million and a quarter, the old capital of Kazakhstan, was the military stronghold of the state and its commercial and cultural centre. A city teeming with hotels, restaurants, sights and monuments, with a museum showing the history of ancient ruins and monuments, the Banflov Square, famous for its Russian wooden churches, built without the use of nails from the 19th century. The city stretches up to the lake Belkhach, known as the Seven rivers, through which the Silk Road passes. 

 Kandy Forest

The “Kandy” Lake was the result of an earthquake in 1911, which led to a major collapse of the land on an area running more than 400 metres in the Tian Shan Mountains, and with volatile weather and rainfall, this natural formation began to fill the lake and flooded the sunken forests containing pine trees And others. The tree tops appear on the surface of the lake, such as spears or ship masts, and deep into the lake they look full with their leaves and vegetables. You can see the depth of the lake from the mountain; thanks to the clear and pure waters from which the submerged jungle is discovered, and in winter, an ice layer on the surface of the lake enables you to ski or catch salmon. The water of the lake is cooler in summer and winter, the temperature of the water does not exceed six degrees in summer, and continues to maintain the pine trees durable for more than 100 years.

 Sriarca, Nature Reserves and lakes

On an area of 450.344 hectares, a natural reserve belongs to the state of Norzum, and another to the state of Kurgzuhin; This exceptional area is characterized by its moisture suitable for endangered water birds such as Siberian Cranes, Falcon Palace and Curly Swans. Sarica is a crossroads of migratory birds towards Central Asia, or from Africa, South Asia and Europe in general. The steppe represents about 200,000 hectares of plant varieties, rare birds, and the endangered saiga of the city. The area includes freshwater and salt water lakes between rivers that run towards Rivers north to the North Pole and south towards the ARA Areć basin.

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