General information about Kazakhstan


The Republic of Kazakhstan is the largest Islamic country In the world in terms of area and a population of 18, 500 million people. Kazakhstan consists of 16 governorates, and the Kazakh people, of the total population, 53, 4% mostly spoken in Kazakh. It is the language of the country and has Turkish origins.

Well the Russian language is spread in Kazakhstan Used as the second official language in government institutions. Kazakhstan is also a state Secularism whose constitution does not include the adoption of a particular religion and provides for the non-segregation of ethnic groups All of them are equal before the law. And the percentage of Muslims is 60% and Orthodox Christians 30% Protestant Christians 3% and other religions 7%.

Area and location

Kazakhstan 2,724,900 kilometres Square and ranked ninth in the world in terms of space after Russia and China and the state United, Argentina, Brazil, Canada, India, Australia and the second after Russia Among the republics of the former Soviet Union, more than the total of the rest of the republics Combined with the exception of Russia, stretching from west to east for 2800 km and from north to The south is 1600 km, bordered by China to south-east, Kyrgyzstan and Uzbekistan from the South and The Caspian Sea and the Republic of Turkmenistan are from the West and Russia from the north and northwest. And the length The border of the Republic of Kazakhstan with all of: Federal Russia about 6467 K and M and Uzbekistan that 2300 Kiel and meters and China people 1781 km and Kirgyzia 980 km and with Turkmenistan 380 kilometres. The Maati, which has a population of about 1.2 million, was the capital Until a presidential decree was issued in September 1995 transferring the capital to the city of Akmola (currently Istana) And to keep the city of Almaty as an economic-commercial area enjoying financial and legal privileges.


The climate of Kazakhstan is a very cold continental winter And hot summers, the temperature varies markedly, the average winter temperature in the regions The middle and north range from 15 degrees Celsius below zero to 35 degrees Celsius below zero, In the southern regions, the temperature ranges between 0 and 20 º C below zero, While mid-temperature in July is between 27 degrees Celsius above zero in the north and 33 °c in south-summer.


Although your Azakhstan has many forms of The tarres but they are a flat plateau and the depressions form more than one third of their total area, While some of them are interspersed with hills and plateaus. The mountainous regions represent about 20% of their The college, with more than 700 rivers and about 48 thousand small, Different. The Caspian Sea is the largest inland water area in the world and is viewed by Kazakhstan A 1450-mile-Long Beach.

Major Cities and ports

Istana City – New capital and population About 500,000 people.

Almaty City – the old capital and you know As a commercial, economic and financial city with an estimated population of about one million and two hundred thousand people.

Karaganda City – located in central Kazakhstan It is known as the largest city in Kazakhstan in terms of industry.

Shimkent City – located in southern Kazakhstan and There is an oil refinery with a population of about 450,000 people.

The city of Atrau – located in the northwest of the country It overlooks the Caspian Sea and is known as the oil City of Kazakhstan, with an estimated population of about 250 thousand people.

Akau City – located in western Kazakhstan and known The main city of Kazakhstan bordering the Caspian Sea with a population of about 200,000.

Other cities such as: In the first and the Home and act of forgetting and the oral and the Semipalatinsk and the Taldikorghan and the model Petropavlovsk and the city of Kokchitao.

National currency – is tenge and is equal to 130 Tenagha to US $1.


Kazakhstan is a country with a historical and cultural heritage Great, his legacy has greatly conflicted with geographical factors and geopolitical situations. Kazakhstan’s position Between Europe and Asia has made it a crossroads for ancient civilizations and a transport route.

Social and economic interactions And the cultural resulting from the links and connections of the east to the west and the north in the south the result of transformations Big on the continents of Asia and Europe and left its effects on Kazakhstan, and in historical periods tracked The boundaries of this area have evolved into a culture of self-standing cultures inherited by Modern Kazakhstan.

The Great Silk Road played a role in the growth Trade, and it was a motive for the creativity movement in the field of science and culture and lived in this The period in the region of farab think of bones like Abu Nasr al-Farabi and jeweler and others who have left Timeless effects in the fields of philosophy, astronomy, science of logic, music and literature.

And one of the famous scientists in the region is a scientist The great language of Mahmoud Kasgari author of Divan (Turk languages) issued in three parts Which enriched the experience of folklore and the manners of the Turkic-speaking peoples and was born in this region Yousef Plasagoni is the author of the famous historical book “Qustad gu Belek”, which was considered one The scholars of political, social and moral thought in the 12th century, and lived in The city of Turkestan, the great Muslim thinker, Khawaja Ahmed Alisui who wrote “Diwan Wisdom. “

Foreign policy

Kazakhstan’s full commitment to the principle of multilateralism Foreign policy orientation and alienation from isolation allowed the young state to stay away from “Regional” in its dealings in the international arena, which has achieved a great deal of balance Between the big powers and the polar axes.

The Kazakh people, headed by the President, managed Nursoltan Nazerayev maintains the Kazakh border, which is the second longest land border in The world without overdoing a sea or land despite the highly complex geopolitical position. And It is known that the Soviet Union and China have entered into border disputes and even local wars on The Kazakh-Chinese border, but in a few years we were able to draw a permanent border with every From China and Russia, and at the same time we maintained friendly relations with both.

Kazakhstan is an active member of the international community, And it works effectively in European and Asian bodies and organizations as it joined after its independence Directly to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The largest Muslim country in the world has become a space The Islamic world has expanded by an estimated 2.7 million square kilometers.

And the state established intimate relations with the States Islamic and especially the Arab Gulf countries and became a major partner of these countries in the Soviet field Previous. This is evidenced by the visit of the Emir of the State of Qatar Sheikh Hamad bin Khalifa Al Thani and the Emir’s visit Sultan bin Abdulaziz to the creation of a post-establishment and these two visits are the first of their kind In the history of Saudi and Qatari relations with the former Soviet republics.

The efforts of the President of the State of Kazakhstan are active in The area of foreign policy and its various initiatives that included the establishment of the European Union and the system Regional and international security and the Conference on cooperation and mutual confidence-building in Asia was appreciated From all global events as a new addition to the legacy of international practice.

Held in June 2002 in the first city of Almaty Summit of the Member States of the Conference on Mutual Cooperation and confidence-building in Asia, which was issued at the conclusion The Almaty Declaration and the Joint Statement on the elimination of terrorism and a contribution to dialogue among civilizations. And stick Participants of the Summit in accordance with these documents support efforts aimed at the disarmament of weapons of mass destruction And proposed the establishment of a nuclear-weapon-free zone on the entire continent of Asia.

Political, economic and social reforms The note that took place during the years of independence and paved the way for the development of the Republic made the President He is confident of the Kazakh people’s plan to draft the “Kazakhstan year 2030 “. And confidence in the decisions of his creative division to neuter President Norsultan of Nazerev in clarity and The strategy underlying the “Kazakhstan 2030” plan, which is The strategy that aspires to build an independent and prosperous Kazakhstan during the first third of Twenty-first century.

As for the country’s ethnic situation, it Contrary to what is unfortunately the case in the rest of the CIS countries not one person was killed in the Republic during The ten years of independence are the result of ethnic conflicts. This is perhaps the most important thing our people have achieved and leadership Political achievements. At this time you live in Kazakhstan with understanding and peace more than 100 nationalities representing all the world and traditional religions.

On the initiative of His Excellency Mr. Kazakh President Norsultan Nazrabayev held in Astana, Republic of Kazakhstan, from 23-24 September 2003 Conference on International and Traditional national religions, in which delegations from various sects were represented Of the three world religions as well as national traditional religions. And Arcade have 24 delegations from Different religions of the world and honor guests as well as representatives of international organizations such as the United Nations And the Organization for Security and Cooperation in Europe (OSCE) The United Nations Educational, Scientific and Cultural Organization (UNESCO) and the United Nations Children’s Assistance Fund (UNICEF).

Islam is a POV from the Kingdom of Saudi Arabia. Al-Arabiya, Egypt, Indonesia, Islamic Republic of Iran, Republic of Islamic Pakistan and the Indian Republic and in its strength were the most prominent personalities of Islam like Dr. Abdullah bin Abdulmohsen al-Turki, secretary general of the Muslim World Association and Sheikh Sayed Mohamed Tantawi Imam Akbar al-Sharif and Moollan Mohammed Rabie Ndoi, chairman of the Ulema Council In India.

And from Christian Schools The Roman Catholic Church participated The Vatican, the Russian Orthodox Church, the English Church, the Orthodox Church. And the World Lutheran Association. And led a big delegation from Fatkan Cardinal Yuzev Tomco President of Alkonghrighatsia (Conference) to publish the gospel and represent the delegation of the English Church by Bishop Nicholas Pines. The delegation of the Orthodox Church was headed by a French bishop Emmanuel. And he participated doctor Ishmile Nuku Secretary-General of the World Lutheran Federation (Switzerland), who led the delegation of the Lutheran Association .

Three delegations participated in the work of the Conference Buddhism is one of the most popular and the most beautiful and the South Korean people. In a larger texture The Chinese delegation, which was made up of 17 religious figures, including the Buddhist of the district, Tzamoyan Lusantzumi Todantsiosdinima.

National traditional religions were represented by religion The Jew headed by Rabbi Yona Matskir and Din Sentwe headed by Minoru Sonuda And the Hindu religion headed by Shantilal Somaia.

And the conference participants discussed the pressing issues Such as overcoming the crisis of civilizations and gathering the efforts of world religions to settle the conflict peacefully.

As part of the work of the Conference, His Excellency met President Mr. Nursultan Nazarbayev, President of the Republic of Kazakhstan, with leaders of world religions And the honor guests of the conference.

And conclude the work of the Conference in the general prayers To the participants for the Spirit of peace and concord and the general outcome document was adopted with the outcome of the Conference.

The Kazakh people are determined to exploit His historic opportunity and efforts to put this plan into action and transform Kazakhstan into a state Advanced and prosperous in the near future and a country that contributes important additions to the field of peace and Stability, ethnic coexistence and religious tolerance in our modern, intertwined world of destinies.

This option has been the one that governs all policies And the decisions of Norsultan Nazerev the first President of the Republic of Kazakhstan whether these policies relate On internal or international scale. And the whole Kazakh people stood beside the president Norsultan Nazrabev in the elections held in 1999, where he received a verdict from the majority Absolute year 2007.

The Republic of Kazakhstan is located in the centre of the Eurasian continent And the crossroads of ancient civilizations and economic, social and cultural relations between The people and ranked ninth in the world in terms of space.

Kazakhstan has common borders with Russia. From the north and Uzbekistan and Kyrgyzstan and Turkmenistan from the south and China from the east and bordered Caspian Sea from the west. Kazakhstan’s total border is 15 thousand km long.

The Republic of Kazakhstan, with its historical heritage And the great cultural. It influences its historical development and geopolitical location. Back Kazakhstan is located on the intersection of roads between the east and the Arabs and between the South and the north.

And the Republic of Kazakhstan possesses all the riches . The Republic occupies the first place in the world with bare reserves of zinc and wolfram. And Barita and the second place with its reserves of silver and lead and Chrome and the third place of copper And the fourth place of molybdenum and the sixth of gold.

And it has oil and gas reserves that are concentrated In the western regions of the territory of Kazakhstan, the Republic of Kazakhstan is one of the countries of the world Huge oil.

Kazakhstan’s full commitment to the principle of multilateralism Foreign policy orientation and alienation from isolation allowed the young state to stay away from “Regional” in its dealings in the international arena, which has achieved a great deal of balance Between the big powers and the polar axes. Presently the Republic of Kazakhstan recognizes by More than 120 countries and established diplomatic relations with the majority of them.

Kazakhstan is an active member of the international community, And it works effectively in European and Asian bodies and organizations as it joined after its independence Directly to the Organization of the Islamic Conference. The largest Muslim country in the world has become a space The Islamic world has expanded by an estimated 2.7 million square kilometers. And enhance the day and the expansion of cooperation Kazakhstan with influential international institutions such as the European Union, World Bank and the bank European development and reform, International Monetary Fund, Global Atomic Energy Agency and UNESCO, UNICEF, World Health Organization, etc. Kazakhstan has joined more Of the 40 Convention and the multilateral treaty and over 700 bilateral agreements.

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