1st Int’l Quran Competition Starts in Kazakhstan

The international competition will feature 30 contestants from different countries, including Indonesia, Malaysia, Iran, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, the US, Egypt, Turkey, Russia, Kuwait, and Guinea, according to Kazakh media reports.

They will compete in the Quran memorization category, where they will recite verses from the holy book by heart.

The venue for the competition is the Astana Grand Mosque, the largest mosque in Kazakhstan and Central Asia.

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Chief Organizers of Int’l Quran Competitions to Convene in Egypt, and the participants had their draw ceremony on Tuesday evening, where they learned the schedule for their performance.

The judges are experts from Turkey, Egypt, the UAE, Saudi Arabia, and Kazakhstan.

The two-day Quran competition will be broadcast live on various platforms. The viewers can watch it on the Muftiyat’s TV channel “Munara TV” and its YouTube channel, or on the official social media pages of the Religious Board.

Dr. Abdul Rahim

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