Congratulations for..“Day of Cooperation between Turkic-speaking States”

Fourteen years ago, the independent Turkic states signed the Nakhchevan Agreement, which is a huge step on the way to the unity of the Turkic world.

Turkish states, which are branches of a single tree, stretching from the deep historical past to a bright common future in the spirit of cooperation, continue to grow and develop thanks to the determination of the Turkish peoples, which are closely connected by historical bonds.

In 2009, the Turkic Council was founded, materializing the fraternal spirit of the Summits of the Turkic-speaking Heads of States”, beginning in 1992. The reconstitution of the Turkish Council in 2021 to the Organization of Turkic States (OTC) in a new and stronger form, alongside the activities of other Turkish cooperation organizations, such as TURKSOY, TurkPA, the Turkish Academy, the Turkish Culture and Heritage Fund, and the Turkish Chamber of Commerce and Industry, has strengthened faith in the unity of the Turkish world as an embodiment of joint and industry. strong will to unite in the face of modern challenges.

Turkish Investment Fund (TIF), established by our countries as a demonstration of a firm resolve to economic integration and to strengthen investment cooperation between Turkic-speaking countries to strengthen economic and social development in the Turkic region, finance joint projects and initiatives and support entrepreneurs, is starting its operations with a strong impact. determination has become an effective tool for ensuring comprehensive coverage development and prosperity in the Turkic World.

With these feelings, I would like to heartily congratulate our peoples, our states and the whole Turkish world on the occasion of October 3, “Day of Cooperation of Turkic-speaking States”.

Baghdad Amreev

President of the Turkish Investment Fund

Dr. Abdul Rahim

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