Master class on stimulation of the His bundle in patients with bradycardia

A master class was held at the Heart Center with the participation of cardiologist-electrophysiologist of the Ankara City Hospital (Turkey), Professor, Dr. Serkan Cay.

The master class was held on July 12-13, 2021 on the implantation of an electrocardiostimulator selectively in the region of the His bundle in patients with bradycardia.

The human heart is a unique organ that supplies blood to the entire body. To do this, the heart creates its own rhythm, which is transmitted along the pathways. Unfortunately, these paths may not work correctly, creating irregular, fast or slow rhythms. In the case of patients with bradycardia, the heart rhythm is slow. One of the causes of bradycardia may be a blockage of the pathways. Therefore, patients can be implanted with an electrocardiostimulator that can control the heart rhythm, bypassing the blockade.

“As part of the master class, 5 patients were operated on,” says Ayan Abdrakhmanov, head of the interventional arrhythmology department of the Heart Center. – One of the patients was an 11-year-old child with sinus node arrest and syncope. All operations were successful, the patients feel well and are preparing for discharge.”

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