Qatar and Kazakhstan Discussing the activation of operating flights

His excellency Mr. Arman Isagaliyev, the Ambassdor of Republic of Kazakhstan in Stat of Qatar, met with the head of the Civil Aviation Administration Abdulla and Nasser Turki Al-Subayem.
During the meeting, the parties discussed a wide range of issues that caused mutual interest, the main thing was to open direct flights between Kazakhstan and Kazakhstan. The diplomat noted that he is looking forward to the launch of direct flights in Kazakhstan, allowing our citizens to travel in 160 directions of the ′′ Qatar Airways ′′ airline. At the same time, this step provides a significant boost to trade-economic and investment cooperation, business connections, as well as tourist streams.
A. S Al-Subai noted that the launch of direct flights to Kazakhstan is one of the main tasks of the National Airline. ′′ Qatar Airways ′′ helped people across the world reach home during the coronavirus pandemic, and did not stop their flights for a day, according to the Civil Aviation Chief. Also, like all the airports in the world, the carrier has faced serious challenges due to the massive inclusion of the lockdown and closing of the border. Currently, ′′ Qatar Airways ′′ is restoring its flight network and new directions, including Kazakhstan.
Determination: On November 2019, 7-8, the aviation authorities of both countries in Doha held 7 flights a week between ′′ Qatar Airways ′′ company Nur-Sultan and Doha, as well as 7 flights a week in Kazakhstan The Memorandum was signed between Doha and two Kazakhstani airplanes with the fifth degree of ′′ air freedom ′′ within the framework of the sky.
The airport’s first inaugural flight was supposed to be held in March 2020 However, due to the start of a global pandemic, it was postponed.
At the same time, ′′Qatar Airways′′ company is currently carrying out freight flights to Kazakhstan, which has allowed to increase goods circulation between the two countries by 4 times.

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