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Famous Arab writer encourages Asian women to be active

NUR-SULTAN. KAZINFORM – Arab writer, Nobel Prize nominee, Moza Almalki, laureate of international prizes in psychology and literature, calls on Asian women to be more active and take a firm position in society, Kazinform correspondent reports. RELATED NEWS Sayyid Hody Kiesari: Asian Writers Forum – A Good Place to Exchange Views The importance of Asian literature, said Korean writer Ko Eun Nominee for the Nobel Prize, proposed the creation of a fund to support Asian writers Kassym-Zhomart Tokayev proposed the establishment of the International Literary Award “Big Asia” Speaking at the first Forum of Asian Writers in Nur Sultan, Moza Almalki stated that stereotypes towards women still exist in Asian countries and they are undeservedly pushed into the background compared to men. However, representatives of the beautiful half of humanity, in her opinion, deserve a more careful attitude to themselves. “In fact, after an invitation to this forum, I studied this issue. Often there is a stereotypical understanding that they (women) should only be at home, which, of course, is not true, ”said Mosa Almalki However, she encouraged Asian women to be more active and take a firm stand in society. As an example, she cited Asian writer and publicist Helen Ziyat. “Helen Ziyat said that not being silent is a privilege. Through her articles, essays, and books, she struggled with attempts to silence her. There are a lot of women who boldly challenged society in Asia. An Asian woman is very strong, she began to occupy important positions in education, sports, literature and in many other areas today. But despite all this, there is still a lot of oppression towards them. Many people believe that women should not be strengthened in society. We need new opportunities to change the stereotypical attitude towards them in order to show its real potential, ”Mosa Almalki emphasized.

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