Unique Technology to Develop Fine Motor Skills in Children

Today at the Almaty forum educators educators Medeu district nursery garden presented technology craftsmanship “kiіz bass” (felting) for the development of fine motor skills in preschool children.

“The main purpose of technology is to train Kazakh traditions of craftsmanship, as well as to familiarize the children with access to one of the cultural values of the people. Our task – to teach children to be creative in their work, to train their work. Make modern products from the treated wool, giving them the aesthetic beauty “, – said the head of a garden nursery № 116 Almira Athanova.

Kindergarten organized innovative games with wool. For example:. “Spider”, “How many insect parts”, “Seasons” “Pattern”. All these games have been specially designed for children. And to the children, it was clear the origin of the wool and how is it treated in the past. On a thematic site were produced demonstration models, where you can see the sequence of origin of folk art. Forum participants educators prepared a master class on working with wool and shared secrets of creating beautiful patterns. To matted “tekemets”, it is necessary to spread a “shi” and put wool in several layers vertically and horizontally. It is easier to write or draw a picture of the traditional patterns of colored wool. After the product is covered by a white cloth mesh and sprayed with a soap solution. Next, the web should be wrapped and start fooling, squeezing out the excess liquid. At the end of the fabric is sent to the drying.

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