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104bn tenge transferred to Kazakh from Russia & S. Korea in H1 2019

A total of almost 173 billion tenge ($450,959,100.00) were transferred to Kazakhstan from other countries in the first half of 2019.

According to the National Bank of the country, major part of money came in April — 32.8 billion tenge — and May — 39.1 billion tenge.

Russia remains a leader on the volume of transfers to Kazakhstan. Within 6 months, 72 billion tenge were transferred from Russia to Kazakhstan.

The second country on remittances is South Korea (32 billion tenge), then Uzbekistan — 14.7 billion tenge and Kyrgyzstan — 13.4 billion tenge.

The fewest money came from the United Arab Emirates — 1.5 billion tenge, Ukraine — 1.2 billion tenge and Kyrgyzstan — 13.4 billion tenge.

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