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Kazakh eyes new ‘green’ projects

BAKU. Realization of four new projects worth 46.6 billion tenge on the territory of Kazakhstan’s Aktobe industrial zone is being considered, Socio-Entrepreneurial Corporation (SEC) Aktobe said. The source in the SEC stated, that the corporation is interested in realization of projects in the sphere of alternative energy sources. Thus, one of the projects under consideration is a ‘green’ one and it oversees the launch of wind turbines manufacturing by the United Energy Kazakhstan company. The volume of investments into the project amounts to 33 billion tenge. In addition, some 440 new workplaces will be created following the launch, Trend reports. Furthermore, another ‘green’ project is the potential launch of biodegradable bags manufacturing of Tekhnoskaut company. It is planned that the cost of the project will equal 1.5 billion tenge and the number of new workplaces will amount to 100 places. The third project which is being considered is the construction of electrosmelting plant by Atlant-Aktobe company. The volume of investment into the project is to be 5.1 billion tenge and the number of new workplaces is to equal 250 places. The fourth project under consideration is a launch of the electromechanical products worth seven billion tenge. The project is to be realized by Huaming Smartled Co and 100 new workplaces are to be created, following the launch.

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